Online clinic

I offer

  1. Online medical care in paediatric rheumatology.
  2. Answer to questions about your child’s disease.
  3. A personalized monitoring and treatment plan.
  4. Close monitoring of the patient.

The confidence of a clear medical advice.

How to request an appointment
for your online clinic

  1. Fill out the contact form.
  2. When receiving your request, I will assess it individually and I will contact you to schedule an online appointment. In case I need additional medical information, I will ask for it in advance.
  3. Payment must be made by PayPal or bank transfer at the time we set the date of our appointment.
  4. After the online clinic, I will make a medical report that I will send you by email, accompanied by the invoice for the service provided.

I can assist you in Spanish, English or French.
This is a private service as I don’t work with health insurance companies.

This online medical service does not replace the face-to-face
medical assessment in the paediatric rheumatology clinic.